Maybe it's Maybelline

International Makeovers and Other Catastrophes, 2009.

Brand make-up and hair-dye including Maybelline™ concealer, Estee Lauder™, MAC™, Dior™,L'Oreal™ etc.
15 printed newspaper clippings of victims of disasters and misfortune.

Customized A4 black frames, novelty sticky tape, stickers, glitter.

I think this makeover collection by Simon Pericich is a little piece of genius. Currently on show at 200 Gertrude St.

AND... an old favourite.

When They Come We Will Be Ready 2008

We live in an age where we can't take sunscreen on a plane because of fear that it may be weapon. Simon Pericich comments on these and other recent global paranoias with a display of over 70 hysterical renditions of dangerous looking artworks crudely yet obsessively fashioned out of common house-hold objects. The overwhelming arsenal for an imagined futuristic army keeps us hilariously safe from unknown benevolent forces, reminding viewers 'everything really isn't that bad'.

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PERICICH said...

aw - sweet! thanks heaps for the love. x backatcha!