Wilder Mann

 I borrowed this book from Pene. Wilder Mann, Charles Freger. Amazing pictures – these from the Czech Republic, and Romania. So many good things.


Seydou Keita

The studio photographer Seydou Keita (1921-2001) began his career in 1945 in Bamako, French Sudan (now Mali). Although Keita was self-taught, he established a strong reputation and people traveled miles to visit his studio. There are incredible textiles documented in these and many more of his pictures, not to mention the people.


Wood silk

Dell Stewart. Oregon Hexagon (130 x130cm) and Square patches (90 x 90cm).
Digital print silk scarf, hand rolled hems.

From a series exhibited as part of Life in Space at West Space in Melbourne. Available here soon.


Little Sparta

The work of Ian Hamilton Finlay encompasses a variety of different media and discourses including poetry, philosophy, history, gardening and landscape design. His activities have assumed concrete form in cards, books, prints, inscribed stone or wood sculptures, room installations and fully realised garden environments.

Little Sparta, set in the windswept Pentland Hills of southern Scotland revisits the neoclassical tradition of the garden as a place provocative of poetic, philosophic and even political thought.


Gulumbu of the shining stars

We all look at the same stars. I saw Gulumbu's work at the Quay Branley Museum in Paris. Then I saw it again last year when Annie brought prints down from Arnhem land, and I loved her stars. It's hard to find pictures of them. Gulumbu Yunupingu passed away this week. R.I.P.



Chen Chen & Kai Williams. Amazing work here.


Watermelon Tourmaline

Just found this amazing rainbow crystal shard. Tourmaline.

Watermelon Tourmaline to be precise. Have we ever talked about watermelon?


Portrait cloths

Kanga and portrait cloth from Africa. Via All my eyes.

Massai women wearing Obama Kanga.


Forclosure quilts

Forclosure quilts by Kathryn Clark. These sewn pieces draw on an established quilting aesthetic and tradition.  They record and capture a history, preserving a changing landscape and documenting the current economy using remnants, found cloth, and fibers.

Map Quilts


Various Map quilts including Paris, the Great Lakes region, New York and a link to a Tokyo subway map quilt.


In the realms of the unreal

We just watched this documentary about the life and work of Henry Darger. It's really well done.


Documentation of BYOB Melbourne. Emile Zile – EURODISNEY.BIZ