Elisa Strozyk

Wooden Textiles 2009-2010

The world around us is becoming increasingly immaterial. We are now used to write emails instead of letters, to pay online, to download music and touch virtual buttons on touch screens. We live in a society of images, a visual culture full of colours, advertisements, television and the internet. There is not much left to feel. Giving importance to surfaces that are desirable to touch can reconnect us with the material world and enhance the emotional value of an object.
“Wooden Textiles” convey a new tactile experience. We are used to experience wood as a hard material, we know the feeling of walking across wooden floors, to touch a wooden tabletop or to feel the bark of a tree. But we usually don’t experience a wooden surface which can be manipulated by touch.


Crystal too

These stunning rings are made by New Zealand designer Nga Waiata and I want one of them. Unusual for me as I couldn't care less for rings and struggle to wear them, though for these I could get over it. Seen on the blog of clever Nikki Gabriel.


These beautiful crystal paintings by Carly Waito are very easy to love. I don't think that should be held against them though. I could stare at them for ages.