Allison Schulnik

I did post about Allison Schulnik before, but this one is devoted to the videos. The new one – MOUND – which I saw on the internet this morning and this one – Forest – which really floats my boat. The branches, the moss, the smeary rainbow blob people. Aaaah!

Her paintings are also pretty wonderful. A hobo with flowers in his hair on a bike. Actually, that one could easily be a portrait of me. Uncanny.



This runaway wild girl gang vibe makes the coming of summer seem ok, if only I didn't have to do too much. I have been loving Rookie Mag. These are by Erica Segovia.


Soft Rock

Bethan Laura Wood makes many amazing things. These scarves make me very happy.

from the series super fake

Digitally printed scarves
Soft Rock scarves, each scarf is based on a different rock or mineral. The outer edge of the scarf is dictated by the form of the rock rather then the conventional shape, allowing each to be worn in a different manner.

Patterns on patterns on ugly patterns. A happy place.