Bamboo magic

I found this incredible bamboo encased phone on Afrigadget. A showcase for all kinds of African ingenuity, including 3 men building a helicopter using scrap metal and an old van engine.

Ikea Headdress


Adam Cruickshank
wearing the Ikea Headdress from 'Reverse Cargo', his recent exhibition at Craft Victoria.



Knitted grey pullover mask.

I love all kinds of headgear. What's not to love about rolled plantain fibre, quilted pith helmets and beaded buckskin. Even the names are perfect. From the Peabody Collection, though I saw them here first.

Quilted pith helmet originally belonging to F.J. Gillen.

Plantain Fiber Fighting Turban.

Apache buckskin cap.

Peabody Museum
Harvard University

11 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, Mass.


Hunt Slonem

All images from The Selby.
It's seems Hunt Slonem has a studio after my own heart. Orchids, parrots, monkeys and some joyous, dodgy cut outs. I love them.